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Reiki for your horse
Reiki is the balancing of energy.  During a session, positive healing energy is restored and                                   energy throughout the chakra system is balanced.

Reiki can help your horse heal from emotional trauma, behavioral problems, sickness or injury.

Horses are particularly sensitive to this holistic form of healing energy and often become very                                                       calm and relaxed.

Reiki is not meant as a replacement for traditional treatments for injury or illness, however when used as an additional treatment, it can greatly increase healing.
                               Reiki can help your horse with...
Anxiety                                                            Pain
Aggressiveness                                              Separation Issues
Behavioral Issues                                           Spookiness
Depression                                                     Stress
End of life ease and calmness                       Weaving
Healing after injury or illness                          Wind sucking
           and many other emotional and behavioral issues

                               Cost of a Reiki Session 
                         at your location

​$70 per session within 30 min of Charlotte, VT
              or distance healing

$90 per session between 30 and 60 min from Charlotte

             Most session are between 45 and 60 minutes.  
          Each session is determined by the horses needs.